Granada Holmes - Episode 1x01 (1984)

The way they look at each other gives me life.


I believe I am in need of medical attention.

believe I am your doctor.

  #look at sherlock and mary    #they know about john and sholto   

Oh they so know. 


still laughing about the fact that Sherlock said John’s attracted to dangerous situations and PEOPLE like the word ‘people’ includes both men and women and adding that to the fact that he always said he’s not gay but never that he’s straight and displaying the same kind of attraction to various women as well as to Sherlock and Sholto you can shove up you ‘John isn’t bi’ argument right up your arse


sholto and john lying in bed, and sholto traces j+j on john’s sweaty back with his fingertip, and john can feel what he’s doing and giggles against his pillow and says “you have to do it right, you’re supposed to put a heart around it” and sholto says “you can’t order me, i outrank you” but he traces the outline of a heart there anyway and then john rolls over and kisses him


sholto and john very stoically agreeing that their relationship has to end and agreeing to remain friends and promising to keep in touch and then they smile at each other and sholto keeps smiling pleasantly at everyone he passes, all the way back to his own room, where he locks himself in, sits down on the edge of his bed, and cries for hours